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Part #303200*
Chrysler 273-360 "LA" V8 with VAC advance

  • Available For Chevy V8 - Ford 289-302 & 351W and Chrysler 413-440-426 Hemi Engines

  • Two-Piece Housing Design - CNC Machined from
    ​6061-T6 Billet Aluminum

  • For Use With Daytona SensorsCD-1 Ignition Systems & Other Types Of Aftermarket Ignitions

Part #320350*
Chevy Distributor Cap and Retainer Kit (Black)

Part #320325
​Iron Distributor Gear
Fits .531" Diameter Shaft
Ford 289/302/351W

Billet Magnetic Single Pick-up Distributors

Part #301005*
Mercury Marine Chevy V8

​OE Module SAE J1171

Part #320360
Iron Distributor Gear

Fits .500" Diameter Shaft
​Chevy V8

  The Best Engine Control Products for Performance and Racing Enthusiasts

Part #320500*
Magnetic Pick-Up
Fits Chevy-Ford-Chrysler

Part #320000 *
​Curve Kit Fits Chevy-Ford
Chrysler Distributors

 * Not Legal for sale or use in California or on pollution controlled vehicles

Part #320320
​Iron Distributor Gear 
Fits .467" Diameter Shaft
Ford 289/302/351W

  • Daytona Sensorsdistributors are manufactured using advanced CNC machining techniques. They feature a two-piece housing that is machined from high-quality 6061-T6 aluminum for durability and show-quality looks. The shaft receives a special coating for friction reduction and corrosion resistance, along with the added strength of two sealed ball bearings that guide the shaft accurately at well over 10,000 RPM.

  • TIG-welded on top and the pivot pins are stacked and TIG welded into place on the cam plate for reliable performance.   The weights ride on nylon rub pads in the cam plate to ensure long-term smooth advance movement. Three (3) sets of advance springs and four bushings are supplied allowing the advance curve to be custom tailored to match the specific requirements of any engine. 

  • For all-out racing, the advance mechanism can also be easily locked out. To accurately trigger the ignition, a high-output magnetic pickup is bolted to the base. This pickup produces a precise trigger signal that will never vary more than one degree at any RPM. 


  • The Daytona Sensorsblack cap comes with a wire retainer and is made of 30% glass-filled polyester (PBT) which offers high-impact strength for improved long-term durability and extended service life.  Cap features brass terminals and a race rotor is supplied.  

  • Daytona Sensorsdistributors require the use of a separate ignition box such as the Daytona SensorsCD-1 Capacitive Discharge Ignition and Coil kit.

  • Best of all, Daytona Sensor products are covered by a One-Year Limited Factory-Backed Warranty.

​​​​Billet Magnetic Single Pick-up Distributors*

Part #320315
​Steel Distributor Gear
Fits .531" Diameter Shaft
Ford 289/302/351W

Part #320303*
​Distibutor Rotor for Chevy and Ford Distributors

Part #301361*
Distributor with VAC advance for Chevy V8 

Part #320310
​Steel Distributor Gear 
Fits .467" Diameter Shaft

Ford 289/302/351W

Part #302351*

Ford V8 351W

​​​​Product Overview - ​​​​Billet Magnetic Single Pick-up Distributors*

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Part #303000*

Chrysler V8
​(413-440 & 426 Hemi)

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Part #302000*

Ford V8 289-302

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Part #103003*
CD-1 Marine Ignition System

Part #102003*
​CD-1 Racing Ignition System

Part #104003*
​CD-1 Sportsman Ignition System

Optional Accessories & Replacement Parts For Billet Magnetic Single Pick-up Distributors

Part #301000*

Chevy V8
​(features Slip-Collar)

Part #303500*
Chrysler 413-440 "RB" & 426 Hemi V8 with VAC advance

Part #320302*
​Ford Distributor Cap and Retainer Kit (Black)