'Vehicle and Engine Technology'
by H. Heisler

'Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals'
by J. B. Heywood

'​​​​​Engine Testing Theory and Practice'
by Plint & Martyr

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Professional Reference Volumes On The Bookshelf Of Most Automotive Engineers 

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'Engine Management Advanced Tuning'
by Greg Banish

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'Introduction To Internal Combustion Engines'
by Richard Stone

'​​​​​Turbocharging Performance Handbook'
by Jeff Hartman

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'Automotive Electronics Handbook'  (2nd Edition)
by R.K. Jurgen

Engine Tuning and Theory - Handy Reference Material

'Introduction To Modeling and Control Of Internal Combustion Engine Systems'
by L. Guzzella & C.H. Onder

'Advanced Engine Technology'
by H. Heisler

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'Designing and Tuning High-Performance Fuel Injection Systems'
by Greg Banish

'​​​​​How to Tune and Modify Automotive Engine Management Systems'
by Jeff Hartman

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​We Highly Recommend The Books & Literature Below

Whether You're A Beginner Or A Seasoned Engine Professional,
It's Great Reading ​and Who Knows...You May Learn A Few New Things! 

'The Internal Combustion Engine in Theory and Practice'
(Two Volume Set)
by C.F. Taylor

'Engines -
​An Introduction'
by J.L. Lumley

'Design and Simulation Of Four-Stroke Engines'
by G.P. Blair​

'Critical Topics in Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment'
by Peter Eastwood

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Aftermarket Publications Covering Automotive Tuning & Engine Management Systems
(Also Applicable To Motorcycles)

'Nitrous Oxide Performance Handbook'
by Jeff Hartman

'The High Speed Internal Combustion Engine'
by Sir Harry Ricardo
​(Historical Reference)

'Supercharging Performance Handbook'
by Jeff Hartman
(Also Covers Turbochargers and Engine Management Systems)

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'Design Techniques For Engine Manifolds'
by D.E. Winterbone

'Automotive Control Systems'
by U. Kiencke
​and L. Nielsen​

​​​​​'Automotive Fuel and Emissions Control Systems'
by James Halderman