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'Designing and Tuning High-Performance Fuel Injection Systems'
by Greg Banish

'​​​​​How to Tune and Modify Automotive Engine Management Systems'
by Jeff Hartman

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​Good Stuff You Should Know!

'Automotive Electronics Handbook'  (2nd Edition)
by R.K. Jurgen

'The Internal Combustion Engine in Theory and Practice'
(Two Volume Set)
by C.F. Taylor

'The High Speed Internal Combustion Engine'
by Sir Harry Ricardo
​(Historical Reference)

Engine Tuning and Theory - Handy Reference Material

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'Introduction To Modeling and Control Of Internal Combustion Engine Systems'
by L. Guzzella & C.H. Onder

'Vehicle and Engine Technology'
by H. Heisler

'Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals'
by J. B. Heywood

'​​​​​Engine Testing Theory and Practice'
by Plint & Martyr

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'​​​​​Turbocharging Performance Handbook'
by Jeff Hartman


'Nitrous Oxide Performance Handbook'
by Jeff Hartman

​We Highly Recommend The Books & Literature Below

Whether You're A Beginner Or A Seasoned Engine Professional,
It's Great Reading ​and Who Knows...You May Learn A Few New Things! 

'Automotive Control Systems'
by U. Kiencke
​and L. Nielsen​

​​​​​'Automotive Fuel and Emissions Control Systems'
by James Halderman

'Design and Simulation Of Four-Stroke Engines'
by G.P. Blair​

'Critical Topics in Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment'
by Peter Eastwood

'Advanced Engine Technology'
by H. Heisler

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Professional Reference Volumes On The Bookshelf Of Most Automotive Engineers 

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'Supercharging Performance Handbook'
by Jeff Hartman
(Also Covers Turbochargers and Engine Management Systems)

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'Design Techniques For Engine Manifolds'
by D.E. Winterbone

'Engines -
​An Introduction'
by J.L. Lumley

Aftermarket Publications Covering Automotive Tuning & Engine Management Systems
(Also Applicable To Motorcycles)

'Engine Management Advanced Tuning'
by Greg Banish

'Introduction To Internal Combustion Engines'
by Richard Stone