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'Fix Your PC Connection Quick!'

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Image 'A' - Windows® Control Panel

​​If this problem occurs, make sure that the system is attached to the PC (all WEGO units must be powered up).  Now perform the following steps below to check your PC and possibly make changes to the PC's 'COM' Port Connection:

Computer Monitor Screen Resolution - Minimum Settings

Getting Familiar And Learning To Use Your Daytona Sensors Software

Windows® Control Panel

Troubleshooting Our Software - Solutions For Common Questions 

Click 'INSTALL' Button

Download Security/PC System Compatibility
Click Image Below To View A Special Note

Program Icon Shown In Standard Desktop
​Display Tiles (Windows® 8 / Windows® 10)

​Find A U.S. Dealer

​Click Link Below
(Opens A Pop-Up Window
To Enter Your Zip Code)

Software Programs - Start Menu Launch and Desktop Shortcuts

Click 'NEXT' Button

Viewing 'PROGRESS' Window

Installing Product Software Programs & Drivers

Computer Won't Connect The Product To Software Program

To open the 'Software Operation & Help Manual', click the 'HELP' Pull-Down Menu & click on the CONTENTS tab as shown on the upper-right. 

​​​​The Daytona Sensors Electronic 'Operation & Help Manual' documents are designed to get you up and running in a short amount of time.

You can also choose to print the document if you so desire.

Afterward, if you still need help learning to use or setting-up our software, or if you have any questions at all, just give our Technical Department a call at 386-322-7390.

We are available to assist you Monday through Friday 9AM until 4PM.

You can also email us at techsupport@daytona-sensors.com and we will reply to your questions no later than the next business day.

Daytona SensorsSoftware - Getting Started


Step #4 

Click Here To Find A Daytona Sensors Dealer

Validating/Changing 'COM' Port On Your PC Software

Please Click Image Below

NOTE:  If making software selection from online software library  - You will see a Dropbox®*** 
​Internet ​Browser Tab appear as shown at the right.

Click 'EXTRACT' Button



Classic Shell™ is free online software that improves your productivity, enhances the usability of Windows® and empowers you to use the computer the way you like it.  It's Easy To Install!  For full information please visit

*** A Login To Dropbox® is NOT Required

Image 'B' - Windows® Device Manager

Click ​'No Thanks' -
​'Continue To Download'

Need Additional Daytona Sensors Product Tech Notes & Tips?
 Click 'Tech Notes' To Return To Our Main 'Tech Notes' Category Page 


  Software Won't Connect - Scenario #2 - Bad Software 'Driver' Installed

There is a slim chance (especially with today's newer PC's) that your computer system already had an older incompatible USB driver installed and when the 'Found New Hardware Wizard' appeared during the USB device driver installation process, the outdated driver was used.

​If this occurred, you will have to uninstall the USB driver.  Please click on the image at the right to access the 
FTDI Applications Note AN107 Advanced Driver Options technical document and refer to Page 28.  For Windows® XP, use the FTClean Utility.  A link to download the utility is also provided in the applications note on page 28 of the document.  For Windows® Vista and Windows® 7, use the approach explained on page 28. 

​If you are using FTClean
for Windows® XP, make sure any Daytona Sensors system is unplugged from the PC before proceeding.  Run FTClean to remove all old drivers.  Then start over with USB device driver installation as described in the previous section above.

Click 'FINISH' Button

Step #5     Follow The Directions Shown
​                           Below For Drivers & Programs

→ Our Product Software - Getting Started

Image 'D'
​'Advanced Setting Dialog Box' Window

​   - Go back into Windows® Control Panel and select Device Manager (Image 'A') 

​   - In The Device Manager Window, Click on the Ports (COM & LPT) Expandable
​     Menu (Image 'B' Below)

   - Right Click on the your Port Icon and Click the 'Properties' Menu Choice (Image 'B')

​   - When the Port/COM Window appears, Click the 'Port Settings' Tab (Image 'C' Below)

   - Next Click on the 'Advanced' Button (Image 'C' Below)

   - An 'Advanced Settings For COMxx' Dialog Box will appear (Image 'D' Below)

   - Change the COM Port Number to a lower value such as COM4 or COM5 and click
​      the 'OK' Button (Image 'D' Below) 

   - Close all Windows and 'Restart' the PC (Image 'E' Below)

   - Once Restarted, Double check the port assignment in the Windows® Device
​     Manager one more time to make sure that it changed.  

​     NOTE:  Be Sure To Use NEW 'COM 'Port Number With All Of Our Software Installations

Step #1    Choose Your Software Source - Insert CD-ROM or Click On Your Software Selection From Our Online Software Library

Step #7     YOU'RE DONE!  Enjoy Your New
​                         Daytona Sensors
™ Program Software!

Daytona Sensors™ Product Software - Easy To Use & Always Up-To-Date

Daytona Sensors™ Has Streamlined The Software Installation Process.

​Your Two (2) Options Are As Follows:

A) - Use The CD-ROM Included In Your Product Purchase Packaging

B) - Download Separately From This Website (visit Software Download Library) 

Accept Terms & Click 'NEXT'

Click 'NEXT' Button

When any Windows® based PC won't communicate with the Daytona Sensors system after installing the USB driver and program software, it's possible that there are one of two (2) situations that have possibly occurred.

  Software Won't Connect - Scenario #1 - Bad 'COM' Port Mapping

EXAMPLE:  Windows® Device Manager may have placed the Daytona Sensors system on a high COM port (Example - COM10 or higher) during USB device driver installation.

→ Launching Software Using Start Menu and Desktop Shortcuts

Take Time To Read The Software Operation & Help Manual

Step #3    Open Your Browser Download Folder and CLICK The
​                       Daytona Sensors
Software File You Downloaded

Click Here To View
FTDI Applications Note AN107 - Advanced Driver Options' Technical Document

​Click The Buttons As Illustrated Here

→ Troubleshooting and Solutions For Common Software Questions

Image 'E'
​Windows® 'Start Menu/Restart' Screenshot

Compatibility With International Versions Of Windows®

New Software Installation Can Sometimes Be A Challenge Especially When
​You're Not A 'Geek' - Here Are Some Simple Tips To Minimize The Pain!

You Should Next See A Window Pop-Up (As Shown Here For Driver Install) Asking For Permission To Changes To Your Computer.

Choose A Program From Our Online Software Program Library

Click 'FINISH Button'

Daytona Sensors software does not support PCs operating an International version of Windows®
as our software does not provide multilingual support. 

Japanese and other International Customers using far eastern languages will have to go to the Windows® Control Panel and set their Regional and Language Options to 'English' language as shown below while installing and using our software.

NOTE: Failure to do so will result in various errors in numeric parameters, communications, and file operations.

Downloading Daytona Sensors Software & Drivers Files

→ Software Driver Install - Step By Step
→ Getting Familiar With Your New Software


Right-Click Desktop
​& Choose 'Display Settings'

Electronic 'Software Operation & Help Manual'

Step #6     You Will Now Have A 'Shortcut' Installed On Your Computer Desktop.

​                              The Program Icon Will Also Appear In The Start Menu Folder.

Daytona Sensors™ Product Software - Tech Notes & Tips

Click 'Yes' Button

Click 'YES' Button

NOTE:  Selecting From The Online Software Library

Click Image Screenshots Below To Enlarge and Scroll

'Language Preferences Settings' Window


→ Installing Program Software and Drivers

Installing Software Programs - Step-By-Step Screenshots (Click Images To Enlarge & View)

When our Daytona Sensors
Software Programs launch, users will see a 'blank' window.  

All Daytona Sensors™ Product Software is absolutely free!  You can always download the latest version from this website, make as many copies as you want, and also give it to all your friends.  We make our money selling parts & related hardware and view software as a sales tool.  It doesn't cost us anything.

​Our free software also solves a lot of problems with product upgrades.  Many brands & companies seem to have not been able to figure this out advantage yet.   For a consumer, it could be really frustrating to buy a product that has been sitting on a distributor's shelf for a year and then discover that the software is out of date. They end up calling tech support and have to wait for a new CDROM arrives in the mail.  We think ahead... You win!  

With Daytona Sensors Product Software.... Get the latest software build anytime.

Installing Software Drivers - Step-By-Step Screenshots (Click Images To Enlarge & View)

Need Technical Help?
Contact The Factory Today!
386-322-7390 (9AM - 4PM EST)
​Monday - Friday or Email Us At:

Insert CD-ROM

Step #2    Save Selected Software or Driver File To Your 'Download' Folder

Enter Info & Click 'NEXT' Button

Installing Our Drivers, Follow These Steps As Shown On These Screenshots.

​                - Extract

                - Next

                - Finish

​Pretty Simple Stuff!

→ Downloading Program Software and Drivers Files


Program Icons Above Shown In
​Traditional Windows® Start Menu Format

(Windows® 7 and Windows® 8 & Windows® 10 PC's Using
Classic ShellStart-Menu Converter Software)

→ Software Program Install - Step By Step
→ Windows® 8/Windows® 10 'System Start' Menu Tip

Daytona Sensors™ Website Software ​Download Procedure

→ Product Software - General Overview

Adjust Monitor Resolution As Needed

General Tech Info, Tips & More

Click A Subject Below To 'JUMP-DOWN' To The Tech Note Section


All Daytona Sensors™ product software requires a minimum monitor display resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.  If you cannot see the whole screen of our software program, please adjust your Windows® Monitor Display Settings to correct this problem. 

​To access the Display Setting, right click on a blank area of your Desktop and you will see the window appear as shown here on the right.  Click Display Setting to go to the Advanced Display Settings window.

NOTE:  Some older desktops and laptops have inferior low resolution displays with only 600 pixels vertical resolution. These computers cannot be used with our software.

Image 'C'
​'Port Settings/Advanced Button' Window

Program Desktop Shortcut Icon

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Before Downloading Our USB Drivers, Make Sure Your USB Device is NOT Connected To Your PC!

Software Program Installation - Simply Follow These Steps As Shown On The Screenshots Below.