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→ Grounding Wide-Band O2 Sensors On Chassis Dyno

Interfacing A Superflow® Dynamometer To A WEGO System

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  • The FIRST sheet is Base Fuel values.  Copy the fuel table values from the PC to the Base Fuel sheet.

  • The SECOND sheet is WEGO Fuel Correction.  Copy the fuel percent correction data for the 60% to 100% TPS columns from WEGO software to the WEGO Fuel Correction sheet.  Leave the 0% to 40% columns blank.

  • The LAST sheet is Corrected Fuel.  These are the calculated fuel values required to achieve the target AFR value.

WEGO™ units have a 0-5V output that can be interfaced to Data Acquisition or Dynamometer systems.  The scaling is the same for all WEGOmodels.  Scale factors are listed at the right for common fuels.  

Operating An Engine Dynamometer and Using A WEGO System?
Here's Some Helpful Info & Tips To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your WEGO!

  • The FIRST sheet is Base Fuel values. 
    Copy the fuel table values from the PC to the Base Fuel sheet.

  • The SECOND sheet is WEGO AFR Data.  Copy the AFR Data from the WEGO software to the WEGO AFR Data sheet.

  • The THIRD sheet is Target AFR. Edit the values in this sheet to your desired target AFR values.

  • The LAST sheet is Corrected Fuel. These are the calculated fuel values required to achieve the target AFR values.

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500 RPM Row Cells
​Example Spreadsheet

WEGO™ IIID Dual Channel
'8-Pack'​ System ​Tech Note

User Guidelines - PC Corrections Based on WEGO AFR Data

​The current product version of WEGO software supports all 'Copy and Paste' operations.  Some of our early versions do not have this functionality.  Spreadsheets for use with the WEGO system and PC have default filenames containing "WEGO_PC."  The first type (with "AFR" in the filename) has corrections based on WEGO AFR data.  The second type (with "Fuel" in the filename) is based on WEGO fuel percent corrections.  Standard spreadsheet table rows are in 500 RPM increments.  For PC tuning files that utilize table rows with 250 RPM increments, use the 'Advanced' spreadsheets and read the additional notes below.  Use the following guidelines to choose between "AFR" or "Fuel" versions: 

​​​Part #115026
​Grounded 12 Foot Extension Cable ​All WEGO Chassis Dyno Systems

​​Part #115027
​Grounded 18 Foot Extension Cable ​All WEGO Chassis Dyno Systems​

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WEGO™ AFR Wide-Band Systems - Dyno Tech Notes & Tips

For Eight-Channel dyno installations using Daytona Sensors #111003 Four WEGO IIID Eight Pack Systems, dyno operators can use the Tenma® Model #72-7670  25 amp power supply available from MCM Electronics® online at

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Pressure_Conversion_Calculator.xls v
Pressure Conversion Calculator  
Input Value      
Calculated Values      
Pressure (psi)    
Pressure (in-Hg)    
Pressure (kPa)    
→ Interfacing Superflow® Dyno To A WEGO™ System

WEGO '8-Pack' System -  V8 Race Engine Individual Cylinder AFR Monitoring

WEGO Dyno Power Supply Options
​Single and Dual Channel Systems

Grounding Wide-Band Exhaust Oxygen Sensors On A Chassis Dynamometer

AFR Data
​Sample WEGO™ Software Excel Spreadsheet

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WEGO™ Dynojet® Interface
​Technical Note

→ Dynojet® Power Commander® - Converting Software Table Rows From 500 RPM Increments To 250 RPM Increments


→ WEGO™ IIID 'Eight-Pack' Race V8 Systems

​​​Part #115025
Grounded Wide-Band Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor For WEGO Chassis Dyno System Kits

Dyno operators that have Microsoft Office® with Excel®, can directly copy and paste data from the WEGO software to an Excel® spreadsheet and then copy and paste from the Excel® spreadsheet into the Dynojet® Power Commander® software program.

We have prepared sample Excel® spreadsheets that you can download and use for this purpose.   Before you try using this approach, you need to make a realistic assessment of your skill level as far as using Excel®.

​​NOTE:  While we cannot provide tech support for Excel® related software performance issues or help you with individual tuning files, we do however kindly appreciate all comments, suggestions, and feedback about our new approach to data transfer.   If you have any feedback regarding this topic, please click here and contact us with your opinion anytime.

WEGO™ Fuel Type - Air/Fuel Ratio (AFR) Value Chart

Sniffer Pipe With
​Grounded O2 Sensor

Vehicles operated on a chassis dyno will generate considerable electrostatic charge.  The Bosch® LSU 4.2 wide-band exhaust gas oxygen sensor used with the WEGO requires a ground connection to the sensor body in order to dissipate electrostatic charge.  If the sensor body is not grounded, electrostatic charge will build up until a discharge to the sensor element occurs.  This may damage the sensor and input circuitry on the WEGO unit.

Safe Download

User Guidelines - PC Corrections Based on WEGO™ Fuel Percent Correction Data

​​Grounded Extension Cables For ​All WEGO Chassis Dyno Systems​

WEGO™ Dynojet® Interface
​Technical Note

→ Power Supply Units For WEGO™ Dyno Systems

Part #115028
​Ground Wire Kit For ​All WEGO Chassis Dyno Systems​

WEGO systems will work with most hydrocarbon fuels including Ethanol, E85, and Methanol.  Newer WEGO units with display and data logging allow uploading a fuel type selection with the WEGOLog software including user defined fuels.  WEGOIII and IV units operate over the 0.70-1.33 Lambda range.  WEGO5 units operate over the 0.50-1.33 Lambda range.  Corresponding Air/Fuel Ratio (AFR) values are shown here at the right.

WEGO™ Software Excel Spreadsheet Samples (Click Any 'WEGO™' Button Below To Download* File)

All WEGO™ Systems - Scaling For
Interface To Data Acquisition or Dynamometer

Power Supply Units Compatible With WEGO Dyno Systems

If grounding the vehicle is not convenient, you can use Daytona Sensors Part #115011 grounded sensor, Part #115012 six wire extension cable with ground connection, and Part #115013 ground wire kit for installation at the WEGO™ (see below).  Please refer to the Grounded Sensor Tech Note at the right for full details. 

WEGO™ Dual Channel Unit for SuperFlow® Dyno

General Tech Info, Tips & More

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Daytona Sensors™ Dual Channel WEGO™ IIID units are intended for connection to an existing data acquisition system for dyno test lab or professional racing use.  These units do not include an LED display or any internal data logging capability.  They have 0-5V analog AFR outputs. The analog outputs are linearly scaled with 0V=10.0 AFR and 5V=20.0 AFR (the useful range is 10.3 to 19.5 AFR) and are compatible with industry standard 0-5V analog inputs on most data acquisition systems.

​Thanks to our 'Special Pricing', it allows equipping a V8 race engine with individual cylinder AFR monitoring for under $2,100.00!  For more details, download the WEGO™ IIID '8-Pack' Tech Note shown on the right.

Logging data with 250 RPM increments is very difficult.  The problem is obtaining enough samples in each cell to calculate a reasonable average when engine RPM is rapidly changing. In most cases, you can find a basic PC table that has 500 RPM increments.

If your application requires a PC tuning file with table rows in 250 RPM increments, you can use our "Advanced" spreadsheet versions (sample Excel® files in the above section can be downloaded).  

​These allow copy and paste of fuel table data from and to the PC software with table rows in 250 RPM increments while still using WEGO
data with table rows in 500 RPM increments.

​The advanced spreadsheets calculate interpolated fuel correction values for the intermediate 250 RPM rows.

WEGO Dyno Power Supply Option - WEGO​ IIID Eight-Channel System


250 RPM Row Cells
​Example Spreadsheet

→ Excel® Data and Dynojet® Power Commander®

Interfacing A Dynojet® Dynamometer To A WEGO System

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Only the values in the 60% to 100% TPS columns will change.  Copy the corrected fuel values back into the PC.  The cells in this last sheet have calculation formulas.  Be careful not to type anything into these cells as this will corrupt the formulas.

​​Part #115024
​24 Foot Extension Cable
​All WEGO Chassis Dyno Systems​

We recommend grounding the vehicle to the dyno frame while in operation.  You can use a length of 16 AWG wire with one end secured to the dyno frame and the other end equipped with a heavy duty alligator clip that is attached to the vehicle frame or other vehicle ground point.  The dyno frame or chassis must be connected to building electrical ground in accordance with National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements.  Improper grounding will cause serious problems.

→ Fuel Types Compatible With WEGO™ Systems

Dynojet® Dyno owners can easily interface any of the Daytona Sensors WEGO systems to an Dynojet® Dyno equipped with the Dynojet® analog module.  

​Dyno operators can interface the WEGO
IIID to display and chart two channels of AFR data along with the other dyno data in the Dynojet® WinPEP® software program. 

For complete details, please open and refer to the WEGO Dynojet® Interface Technical Note PDF document shown on the right.

→ Interfacing Dynojet® Dyno To A WEGO™ System

WEGO™ Superflow® Interface
​Technical Note

This approach is recommended for only for applications without original equipment oxygen sensors where you want to change AFR values.  In the WEGO software, select AFR Data Display.  The table will show the actual AFR values logged by the system.  Start the PC program and open the Excel® spreadsheet. 

Using Excel Spreadsheets With A Dynojet® Power Commander® System

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Fuel Percentage Correction Data
​Sample WEGO™ Software Excel Spreadsheet

XP POWER® Model #AEL80US12 - AC/DC Power Supply

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Tenma® Model #72-7670
​25 amp power supply

WEGO ™ 5

This other approach is recommended for all applications with original equipment oxygen sensors.  Remember that with these applications, closed loop AFR control in the ECM will counteract any attempt to change AFR values at idle and part throttle.  Use this approach to keep the existing AFR values commanded by the ECM at idle and part throttle, but make corrections for engine modifications at wide open throttle (60% to 100% TPS columns).

​In the WEGO
software, select Fuel Percent Correction Display and set the desired wide open throttle AFR target (typically 12.8-13.2 for gasoline).  The table will show the fuel corrections required to achieve the target AFR value.  Start the PC program and open the Excel spreadsheet.  

TDK-Lambda® Model #DT80PW120C - AC/DC Power Supply

Daytona Sensorssells a complete kit intended for easy hookup to a SuperFlow® dyno that was previously equipped with Innovate® LM-1 wide-band exhaust gas oxygen sensor interfaces. 

​The kit includes a WEGO™ IIID dual channel wide-band exhaust gas oxygen sensor interface, two Bosch® LSU 4.2 wide-band sensors, two custom length sensor extension cables, and a power supply.  The WEGO® IIID is supplied with connectors that directly plug into the SuperFlow® auxiliary input cable.  For complete details, please refer to the WEGO SuperFlow® Interface Kit Tech Note below.

WEGO™ IIID Dual Channel '8-Pack' System

Full Specs & To Check Current Pricing and Availability From -
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Full Specs & To Check Current Pricing and Availability From -
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Dynojet® Power Commander® - Converting Software Table Rows
​From 500 RPM Increments To 250 RPM Increments

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​9AM - 4PM EST

The Tenma® unit is adjustable from 3-15 volts and should be set to 13.8 volts when used to power multiple WEGO units.

​It can also be used to float charge a 12 volt battery. 

Full Specs & To Check Current Pricing and Availability From -
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Copy the corrected fuel values back into the PC. The cells in this last sheet have calculation formulas. Be careful not to type anything into these cells as this will corrupt the formulas.  

In 2005, 'The Professor' Warren Johnson was the first racer to use Daytona Sensors WEGO systems for individual cylinder AFR monitoring.

WEGO Systems Fuel Compatibility

WEGO IIID™ Eight-Channel System 

For Single or Dual Channel WEGO Systems, dyno operators can use the XP Power® Model #AEL80US12 AC/DC power supply that is available online from Newark Electronics® (

Another option is the TDK-Lambda Americas® Model # DT80PW120C AC/DC power supply available from Arrow Electronics® on their website at (