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SmartSpark™ LS Control Module Software

​- USB Interface Software Driver - MANDATORY For All CD-1™ Units

​- CD-1Ignition System Log Software Version 1.1

​- PC Link For CD-1Racing Ignition Software Version 1.5

​- PC Link For CD-1™ Marine Ignition Software Version 1.0

​​- PC Link For CD-1 ProRacing Ignition Software Version 1.0

CD-1 Capacitive Discharge Ignition Software

​- USB Interface Software Driver - MANDATORY For SmartSpark™ Units

- SmartSpark™ Ignition Module Log Software Version 1.1​

​​- PC Link For SmartSpark™ Ignition Module Software Version 2.2

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NOTE:  All Daytona SensorsSoftware Products are stored online in our Central Repository using Dropbox®.
​Links below will take you directly to a specific software program which is ready to be downloaded.  A Dropbox® account and Login is NOT REQUIRED to download our software.  We recommend that you take a moment to

​All Daytona SensorsSoftware Programs Have Been Tested and Scanned Using Avast® Anti-Virus Software Prior To Upload Into Our Online Repository To Ensure They Are Virus-Free . 

​Daytona SensorsProduct Software Programs are compatible with PC computers using Microsoft® Windows® XP, Microsoft® Windows Vista®, Microsoft® Windows® 7, Microsoft® Windows® 8 and Microsoft® Windows® 10 OS Systems.  Daytona Sensors Product Software Programs are NOT COMPATIBLE with any type of Mac® computer, iPad® or any other types or brands of tablets, smart phones or mobile devices.  

​In addition, all Daytona SensorsProduct Software Programs are compatible for download using the following Internet Browsers - Windows® Edge®, Internet Explorer®, Chrome®, Firefox®, Opera®, Brave® and Tor®. ​

​- USB Interface Software Driver - MANDATORY For All WEGO™ Units

- WEGO™ Single Channel Data Logging Software - Ver 9.2

​​- WEGO™ Dual Channel Data Logging Software Version 4.3

​- WEGO™ 5 Dual Channel Logging Software Version 2.0​

- USB Interface Software Driver - MANDATORY For SL-1 Unit

​- SL-1™ Shift Light and Data Logger Log Software Version 2.0

- PC Link For SL-1™ Shift Light & Data Logger Software Version 1.0​

WEGO™ Wide-Band Air/Fuel Ratio System Software

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TCS-1Timing Control System Software

SL-1Shift Light Controller and Data Logger Software

- USB Interface Software Driver - MANDATORY For NC-1/NC-2 Units

- NC-1/NC-2™ Nitrous Log Software Version - Ver 2.0

- PC Link For NC-1/NC-2™ Nitrous Controller Software Version 2.1

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NC-1/NC-2™ Nitrous Controller Software

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- USB Interface Software Driver - MANDATORY For TC-1 Unit

​​- TC-1Turbo Controller Log Software Version 1.0

- PC Link For TC-1™ Turbo Controller Version 1.1

- USB Interface Software Driver - MANDATORY For TCS-1™ Unit

​- PC Link For TCS-1™ Timing Control System Software Version 1.0

TC-1Turbo Controller and Data Logger Software