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'Vehicle Speed Sensors' Important User Note Regarding
​CD-1,  NC-1™, NC-2and SL-1Products

Why should you buy the Daytona Sensors CD-1 Ignition System rather than the other competitive products on the market from companies such as Crane® or MSD®?

The simple answer is three-fold.... Value, Features and Reliability.

For complete comparative details, read the CD-1, Crane® HI-6® and MSD® Digital 6® Teardown Report...

And remember that we produce THREE (3) different versions of our CD-1 Ignition System to support most all forms of motorsports.  (View All CD-1 Ignition Systems)

→ WEGO™ Systems 'General' Tech Info

Product & Category Specific Technical Notes

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CD-1™ Ignition System* Comparison

The WEGO IIIS (Single Channel) and WEGO IIID (Dual Channel) have 0-5V analog AFR outputs for interface to dyno instrumentation, vehicle data acquisition systems, and engine controls.  They are a versatile tuning aid for all carbureted and fuel injected engines and ideally suited for dyno testing.  They can be used for automotive, motorcycle, and other small engine applications.  Can also be used with a wide supply voltage range from 11-18V allows operation from battery on small engines or race vehicles without an alternator and we list here in this sections, options for dyno-room power supply sources.

WEGOhave become the standard with many top engine builders... LEARN MORE →

→ Nitrous Oxide Systems Overview

Nitrous Oxide Injection is an easy and highly cost effective performance modification, yet it is also one of the most misunderstood.  And these misunderstandings usually result  in very expensive engine damage.  (Engines that go 'BOOM' are NOT a good thing)

Many manufacturers and vendors selling Nitrous Oxide systems tend to gloss over the important details and some of the systems even lack basic safety features. 

There is only limited information is available on Nitrous Oxide relative to automotive performance.   However, we have put together a list of tips, resources & online tools to help you get the most out of your Nitrous Oxide System investment... LEARN MORE →

Tech Notes - Tips & More

Daytona Sensors™ Product Software

New Software Installation Can Sometimes Always Be A Challenge Especially When You're Not A 'Geek'.  So, To Help Our Customers, We Have Put Together Some Simple Technical Notes & Tips To Minimize The Pain and Accelerate The Learning-Curve. 

We Want Everyone To Know What To Expect From Daytona Sensors Product Software Programs And How Simple They Are To Install.

For A Comprehensive 'Walk-Thru' & 'Overview' Regarding The Installation Of Our Daytona Sensors™ Product Software, Please Click Here...

Our LED Timing Light for dyno applications is a versatile and long life LED timing light intended for permanent installation and continuous operation on engine dyno systems.  The LED life is estimated to be in excess of 400 hours with engine running at 1,500 RPM.

A low cost capacitive spark pickup is used with conventional distributor, coil pack, and coil-near-plug ignition systems where a spark plug wire is accessible.  Spark trigger sensitivity adjustment to accommodate different ignition energy levels while avoiding false triggering.

Additional trigger inputs allow using the LED timing light with

The Daytona Sensors Hall Effect sensor harness Part #HALL-SENSOR is designed to be used with Daytona Sensors systems with vehicle speed sensor inputs including the CD-1™ Ignition Systems, NC-1™ & NC-2™ Nitrous Controllers and SL-1™ Shift Light & Data Logger. 

It allows vehicle speed data logging on race vehicles without an existing vehicle speed sensor.  ​For full information about this topic, please view the Tech Bulletin image shown on the right... LEARN MORE →

This is the ultimate tool in engine data analysis.  Our WEGO software allows you to analyze the data logged by the WEGO unit, not just print out a chart display.  You can display and print out the required fuel correction (in percent) based on the AFR target value you select.  You can then copy and paste this fuel correction data from the WEGO software to an Excel spreadsheet and then copy and paste from the Excel spreadsheet into your engine mapping software.

​Here's A TON OF TECHNICAL INFO, USER TIPS & ADVICE to help you get 'Up-To-Speed'.

No other systems on the market offers our WEGO capabilities... LEARN MORE →

→ Computer Software Installation Technical Notes - All Products and Categories
→ SmartSpark™ LS Ignition Controller

WEGO™ Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor Systems
Wide-Band Exhaust Gas Oxygen Monitors

Tips We Put Together To Help You With Your Product Installation During Your Project Build

SmartSpark™ LS Ignition Controller* - Tech Notes & Tips

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Vehicle Speed Sensors For CD-1™,
​NC-1™ & NC-2™ and SL-1™ Products

'GENERAL' Notes - Tips & More

Nitrous Oxide ​Systems*

CD-1™ Ignition System* Comparison - Tech Note

Tech Notes - Tips & More

SmartSpark™ LS Ignition Controller*

→ LED Dyno Timing Light Capacitive Spark Pickup

The Daytona Sensors SmartSparkLS Ignition Module for GM® LS Series Engines features an ignition module for carbureted GM® LS series V8 engines with 24 or 58 tooth crank trigger and selection for GM® LS1 or higher energy LS2 style coils.
The SmartSpark is preprogrammed with advance tables suitable for a wide range of normally aspirated high performance engines.  Users can digitally set launch, burnout, and maximum RPM limits with 100 RPM steps from 3,000 to 9,900 RPM. 

Access to launch and burnout RPM limits requires optional USB interface and PC Link software...

 * Not Legal for sale or use in California or on pollution controlled vehicles

→ CD-1™ Ignition System Comparison
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WEGO™ Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor Systems
Wide-Band Exhaust Gas Oxygen Monitors

→ TC-1™ Turbo Controller 'Boost Control Solenoid'

 * Not Legal for sale or use in California or on pollution controlled vehicles

'DYNO' Tech Notes - Tips & More

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→ WEGO™ Systems 'Dyno' Tech Info

Tech Notes & Tips

Nitrous Oxide Systems* - Tech Tips - Online Tools & More

Tech Notes - Tips & More

LED Dyno Timing Light - Tech Notes & Tips

WEGOAir/Fuel Wide-Band Units - 'DYNO' Tech Info & Tips

 * Not Legal for sale or use in California or on pollution controlled vehicles

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Technical Notes & Tips For A Professional Installation

WEGOAir/Fuel Wide-Band Units - 'GENERAL' Tech Info & Tips

Daytona Sensors™ Product Software - All Catagories

→ 'Vehicle Speed Sensors' - CD-1™ - NC-1/NC-2™ - SL-1™

LED Dyno Timing Light​