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Here's A Collection Of Fine Videos Designed To Educate 'Gear-Heads' Of All Types About Daytona Sensors™ Products

We Want To Thank Those Companies and Media Outlets* That Made These Videos Possible For Us To Share.  So Sit Back & Enjoy The Show!
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Our Dyno LED Timing
​Light In Action
Video Credit: Steve Brule - Westech Performance

Expert Tuning Advice

WEGO™  IV Install

Installing A WEGO IV Air/Fuel Ratio Product System
Video Credit:
BKos Media & Marketing

Dyno Run Using SmartSpark
Coils for GM LS2, LS3, and LS7
Video Credit: Borowski Race Engines

See A Factory Tour

Tuning Your Vehicle With
​Daytona Sensors

 ​Video Credit:  Craftsman

​​Installing A WEGO IV Plug and Play ​Software Setup/Data Logging
Video Credit: Bob Morreale - 
The Tuning School

New SmartSpark Coils

WEGO  IV Setup

Videos - Watch Our Company & Our Products In Action

Connect A Wideband WEGO III
To A HP Tuners™ Unit
Video Credit: Bob Morreale - The Tuning School

WEGO III & HP Tuners

Behind The Scenes
At Daytona Sensors

 ​Video Credit: Bob Morreale - The Tuning School

Dyno LED Timing Light

SmartSpark™  In Action

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SmartSpark LS Ignition Module Controlling Factory Ignition Coils ​Video Credit:Steven Balusik